This summer a lot of overdue roadwork has been underway. The road crew has been out here everyday this week (August 24-28) working on crack fill on Tatanka and Covered Wagon, sealcoating Tatanka, and cleaning streets. Despite all the rainstorms, the repair work remains on schedule, with the only delay being the patch in the Heights, as the only asphalt plant in Show Low was down.

On Tuesday, August 25, half of Tatanka Loop was finished; Wednesday, Tatanka and the right side of Mustang from the gate to Covered Wagon. The right side of Covered Wagon Trail and Covered Wagon Circle, and the 1900 mustang cul-de-sac are being worked on as well.

Weather permitting, half of the intersection of Stagecoach and Mustang will be done this week as well as the left sides of those streets. All affected homeowners received doorknob notices and were/are asked to leave cars on the opposite side of the street by 7:00 a.m. each morning. There will a lot of cones, and it takes 24 hrs. to dry, so please avoid driving on fresh sealcoat; muddy tire tracks will stick for a long time.

We are getting bids on fixing our drainage problems at several muddy intersections. Next year we will crack seal all other streets and sealcoat the Draw as it has never been done. Other areas will be re-evaluated as a severe winter will create more havoc on the roads.

Work that has been or is in the process of being done is at Tatanka Loop – Tatanka Casitas, Covered Wagon Loop, Covered Wagon Trail, Mustang Run to Covered Wagon Loop, 1900 Mustang Run, Stagecoach and Mustang Run Cr. and includes patching, crack fill, sealcoat, concrete repairs, concrete pads and gutter aprons.

Please contact Sherry Watson at HOAMCO for any questions.
SHERRY WATSON | 928.537.1067 ext.231 |

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