• A quick reminder message regarding the green waste roll-off and the community dumpsters.

1. The green waste roll-off dumpsters located on Tatanka Drive is for green waste only as it is dumped in a specific place when full so if there is anything else in there like household waste or large items, it requires manual sorting that costs the association additional money.

2. The fixed community dumpsters are for bagged household waste only. Regularly, people have been using these to dump large items like mattresses, construction/renovation waste and other items that should otherwise be disposed of during the ‘big trash’ collection or taken directly to the dump. This is also costing the association additional money because of the category of trash in these dumpsters and also these items are too large and cause overflow situations (and are also often just left – not even put into the container) where additional pick-ups are required and/or conditions¬†where the truck will not dump them because they are too full – truck operators will not get out of their trucks to load or remove any items/trash, not in the dumpster.

So, please just be mindful of what goes where and what containers are for what. Big trash pick-up is every other month – the schedule is posted on the community Web site and on the City of Show Low site but if you have large items that need to be disposed of outside of that schedule, they need to be taken directly to the dump transfer station off Lone Pine Dam Road here https://www.wm.com/location/arizona/az/lone-pine/locations.jsp .

Thank you for your cooperation.

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