Senior Patrol House Watch

Did you know that Show Low Senior Patrol does home watch? Sponsored by the Show Low Police Department under the direct supervision of Chief Joe Shelley and Commander Brad Provost, Senior Patrol is located within the Show Low Police Department. A 100% Volunteer organization that has been in existence for 30 years. The Show Low Police Department supports them with vehicles, maintenance, fuel and miscellaneous suppliers. The Senior Patrol supplies its own uniforms. Their primary source of revenue comes from donations earned by doing ” house watches” for seasonal residents. No member of the Senior Patrol receives any compensation for their time while serving the Community. In 2017 the Senior Patrol donated over 7400+ man hours of service time to making the city safer for its residents and visitors by patrolling the streets, neighborhoods and performing house watches. Since its beginning they have donated over 150,000 + man hours to the City of Show Low. Also, they have donated many thousands of dollars to organizations within the community such as: Meals on Wheels, Shop with a Cop, Trunk or Treat, Show Low PEP Squad, Clothe a Child, Tip a Cop, White Mountain Safe house and many others. Show Low Senior Patrol ” We Care”. Senior Patrol also will bring in trash cans on Tuesdays provided form is filled out, trash cans are clearly marked with address information and the Senior Patrol Officer is NOT required to enter any property such as a garage to return the cans. If you are interested in finding out more about home watch please stop by the Show Low Police department at 411 E Deuce of Clubs Blvd Show Low AZ 85901 OR Contact Randy Lenton via NextDoor.

Friendly Reminders

Recently we have had a couple issues with contractors driving aggressively, and well above the posted speed limit.

As a general notice, the posted speed limit in our community is 20 MPH; however, it is okay to drive slower than that. The majority of us drive less than 20 MPH through our neighborhood for safety.

Please remember, and as a reminder to contractors, we do not have any sidewalks, but we do have plenty of friends, family, kids, grandkids, pets and wildlife that live here and frequent our Association’s private roads.

And, speaking of pets, please remember to keep dogs on leashes and pick up all pet waste when walking in our community.

Important Note About Community Dumpsters

  • A quick reminder message regarding the green waste roll-off and the community dumpsters.

1. The green waste roll-off dumpsters located on Tatanka Drive is for green waste only as it is dumped in a specific place when full so if there is anything else in there like household waste or large items, it requires manual sorting that costs the association additional money.

2. The fixed community dumpsters are for bagged household waste only. Regularly, people have been using these to dump large items like mattresses, construction/renovation waste and other items that should otherwise be disposed of during the ‘big trash’ collection or taken directly to the dump. This is also costing the association additional money because of the category of trash in these dumpsters and also these items are too large and cause overflow situations (and are also often just left – not even put into the container) where additional pick-ups are required and/or conditions where the truck will not dump them because they are too full – truck operators will not get out of their trucks to load or remove any items/trash, not in the dumpster.

So, please just be mindful of what goes where and what containers are for what. Big trash pick-up is every other month – the schedule is posted on the community Web site and on the City of Show Low site but if you have large items that need to be disposed of outside of that schedule, they need to be taken directly to the dump transfer station off Lone Pine Dam Road here .

Thank you for your cooperation.

Roll-Off Dumpster Arriving Thursday, May 25

It’s almost here!

The 30 yard roll-off dumpster with side entry is scheduled to be delivered this Thursday, May 25; it will be located in The Draw area of Tatanka Loop.

As a reminder, please do not use the regular dumpsters for yard debris, as they fill up too quickly and then become eyesores. Bulk pickup by the City of Show Low is available Mondays in the following months: July 10, September 11 and November 6. Bulk items may be left curbside for pickup.